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The Voronoi Web Site

Welcome to all of you interested in using Voronoi diagrams for spatial analysis!

My background is in the Spatial Sciences - among other things geology, geography, forestry, agriculture, cartography, surveying and, for the last few years, GIS in its many forms.

Along the way I started to see many common issues in all of these, and felt that many of us were re-inventing solutions, and often doing it badly. After a while a pattern emerged: we had an extraordinarily useful tool in the Delaunay triangulation - Voronoi diagram dual representation of spatial relationships, and it should be used more often.

While I have many friends in computer science, especially computational geometry, this site is not primarily about theoretical developments, although I certainly want to include their work. It is primarily for the practitioner of some spatial science who is looking for a way of expressing his particular problem.

I hope you will find, as I have myself, that the Voronoi diagram often gives real insights into how to express your problem, and often how to produce an elegant solution.

Best wishes,

Chris Gold

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